To the Editor:

I have lived in Wallowa County for 44 years, and had been coming here to hunt, fish and backpack for 16 years before that. One of the reasons we moved here was that the people were so unpretentious. They didn’t try to impress anyone with their wealth, education, title or accomplishments. And they didn’t look down on anyone with lesser stature. From reading the opinion page in the Chieftain the last five or 10 years, I’m wondering what is happening, especially here in Joseph.

The opposite of unpretentiousness is snobbery, and I’m also wondering if our “quaint” little town of Joseph with our spectacular scenery is attracting too many snobs. Maybe I should stick with writing about the birds, but after reading the lead editorial in the April 24 Chieftain, it makes my case against snobbery. So even with my limited vocabulary and education, I have to comment on it.

It seems to me that the writer of that editorial was mostly trying to impress the readers of the Chieftain with his vocabulary and knowledge of Greek philosophy. Almost nobody in Wallowa County gives a rat’s behind about what Plato’s view of the world was, and I don’t understand why he used it as a lead-in for his diatribe against the Tea Party. He states that the Tea Party is no longer relevant which is not true. They are grass-roots patriots who want our politicians to return to Constitutional government as was written by our Founding Fathers who were the real intellectuals of our history.

Why should the Tea Party members be demonized for being concerned about the direction the so-called “Progressives” are taking our country? It’s too bad the intellectual who wrote that editorial couldn’t use his writing talents to take on real problems such as Islamic terrorism, or why Chicago is the murder capital of our nation, instead of the Tea Party that has done nothing to harm America.

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