Everyone in Wallowa County may be able to take good advantage of this item for economic benefit as individuals or groups. Farmers, ranchers, homeowners, business operations, municipal operations, schools, the sheriff's deptartment, the hospital, brewers, mechanics, machine shops, gardeners and lawn tenders, hunters, boaters, tinkerers, and anyone operating a vehicle of nearly any type can begin by making a visit to the Enterprise Public Library to check out this critical new book or one of the companion DVD copies which gives a two-hour overview.

This nearly five-pound, large format, 600-page book is published by Mother Earth News for author David Blume, a farmer and biologist. It's titled "Alcohol Can Be a Gas! - Fueling an Ethanol Revolution for the 21st Century." The back jacket contains a quote by NASA/AMES Research Center atmospheric researcher Joe Jordan which defines the content as, "Engagingly written, full of important and amazing information and resources, this book meets every challenge to the vision for a clean, democratic path to a prosperous future for all."

In my view, it is a practical blueprint for a much-enhanced and redirected version of the community-supported agriculture now practiced here in Wallowa county - but with the focus on improving economic options, sustainability, and keeping the wealth circulating within the local region. Hugely important is that this can be started now, today, with no new technology needed.

The library also has my second donation. Titled "The Limits of Power," it's a newly published hardcover by Andrew Bacevich, described on the inside jacket as "From an acclaimed conservative historian; a bracing call for a pragmatic confrontation with the nation's problems." The focus is on the profound crisis set faced by America today as a result of neglecting the "tradition of realism" during the last six decades. This book also lends indirect support to the true importance of "Alcohol Can Be a gas!"

Russ Rotzler


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