To the Editor:

Bush's budget proposal is a disaster. Unlike his Social Security privatization talk of last year, we're now talking detailed numbers: $24.182 billion in fiscal 2010, $57.429 billion in fiscal 2011 and another $630.533 billion for the five years after that, for a seven-year total of $712.144 billion that will come out of Social Security alone. We called last year's budget a "reverse-Robin Hood budget," but this one's even worse. This Bush budget cuts Social Security, education and Medicare, while offering a whopping $1.35 trillion in tax cuts that are aimed at the "very" wealthy.

The Bush tax cuts for the rich are an insult, while the rest of us are ask to make sacrifices. The Bush budget drops funds for Hurricane Katrina recovery, breaking a promise the president made just four months ago to "rebuild New Orleans" and the Gulf Coast. It is immoral to pass on those trillions of dollars in debt to our children and grandchildren. AARP says that every child born today will be "billed" for $156,000 as his or her share of the ever-enlarging national debt. This must be fixed!

It's clear that the budget is a failure and now it's up to Congress to set things right. Congress need to stand up to Bush on behalf of the working-class people and retired folks whose services will be cut. If they don't, they should be voted out of office this November. From where I stand, it's time to take a stand.

Roger Makin

Grants Pas

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