Televisions shows such as Dragnet, Get Smart, and Hawaii Five-O during the 1960's introduced to the audience the use of the "bug," a small listening device that could be planted under the table or in the furniture. Today's "bug" has grown in size or gotten even smaller and has proliferated into our personal lives more then ever. A kid 20 years ago was called paranoid if he or she suspected such a device in the environment. All assumptions and suspicions have come true. Not only have they come true, they are being used by almost everyone in today's world.

How much of our lives is being recorded at this very minute in time? Answer: most of it. Telephone conversations are recorded, the time and place. We all know our computers are bugged to the max and there is no escaping it. No one wants to be accused of being paranoid, but that is the reality we all must live with these days. Go shopping at malls, eat at restaurants, and get gas at the station. In the last few years the "bug" has proliferated like a locust taking over a country because of the terrorist threat. And there are plans in the future to bite us by "bugs" that haven't even mutated yet.

Mike Brink


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