To the Editor:

In 2006, my wife’s uncle was telling me what he knew of the world, and I, in my arrogance, was telling him that what he knew was completely wrong. I asked him where he got his information, and pretty much laughed in his face when he responded “Rush Limbaugh.” I was also aware, however, that both the Old and the New Testament tell us to understand our neighbor’s argument before we condemn him. And so I began listening to Rush Limbaugh.

John McColgan has not listened to Mr. Limbaugh, and is relying on media sound-bites for his commentary (Political Philosophy, March 22). It is his right to not listen. It is his right, also, to write whatever he wishes, and the right of the Chieftain to print it. This is called Free Speech. However, when people who never listen to a show band together to deprive others of the right to listen, this is not an exercise in Free Speech, but in censorship. It is called Fascism. In this country, we do not strive to silence the opposition, but to convince the electorate that the opposition is wrong. This is called Democracy.

The words that Rush Limbaugh used to describe Ms. Fluke can be printed in this paper, and have been. The words used by Bill Maher (a popular comedian) to describe several Republican women cannot be printed, they are that vile. Yet the anti-Rush crowd does not call for Bill Maher to step down from the stage. Is this because Bill Maher only insults conservative women? Or because Bill Maher donated a million dollars to the Obama campaign?

One last point: I have noticed that Mr. McColgan often used personal attacks to demean his chosen opponent. Isn’t this exactly what he faults in Rush Limbaugh? My challenge for him is this?rise up to the high standards you set for others.

Bruce Wetter


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