To the Editor:

At the Oct. 4. city council meeting, the City of Joseph was asked to participate in the plans to welcome back our troops from Iraq, currently being endorsed by the entire county. Regardless of what you think about the war in Iraq, these troops are fighting and dying to assure your right to express your opinion. These are our local children. The city was not asked to express an opinion on the war, but to endorse the gratitude for what our kids have done for us and welcome them home.

The city chose to listen to a minority of special interest "blame America first" people who shouted down supporters and moved to not support our troops coming home. This is a disgrace. The City of Joseph, because of representatives of this special interest group - specifically Peggy Kite-Martin, Pam Latta and Shelley Curtis - has blocked any economic development, bringing in much-needed family wage jobs, has prohibited the public from providing input into the direction of the city, has prohibited the public from disclosing unethical and probably illegal behavior by these representatives, and with this act has added to the city's public embarrassment; Joseph is shunned because of its government's arrogant, selfish, inept and morally corrupt actions. These actions have all been documented and are public record, but have been covered up.

People should let their feelings be known through letters to the editor and letters of complaint to City Hall. Most of these people guiding Joseph do not even live in Joseph. The City is a dictatorship and has to be taken back before it is given away to these outside special interests. Let the City of Joseph know it should be ashamed of their pitiful actions. They are in essence spitting on our youth because they cannot make the government do their bidding. Please don't let them get away with it!

Jennifer Ballard


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