I was both surprised and pleased to read the letter (Wrongful death, Oct. 28) from Claudine Willis concerning my views on socialism. She stands by her convictions and I respect that but would like to clarify how I feel about the way the country seems to be going.

When I joined the Navy, I swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States. The president also takes that oath and I assume that all members of Congress do so also. If not, they should. Perhaps they should be made to learn it all by heart. I took that oath to heart. We give up a lot of our freedoms and personal liberties to serve in the military. It is for the most part a benevolent "dictatorship" and essential to be that way.

We served to protect America from a socialistic or any kind of oppressive type of government. I am proud to have done so and make no apologies for doing so. I cringe every time the president or any other individual apologizes for America. It happened again after our humiliation at the throne of the IOC. Most of the world is free today because of the good 'ol USA!

I loved my job as a Morse code operator, yet was not always super-thrilled with some of the military restrictions, some of which seemed very petty. I worked watches most of my career which makes for very difficult living when trying to raise a family.

You could not call in when you were due to be at work at midnight and tell your supervisor that you would like the night off! Can you imagine the soldiers telling their sergeant who has just ordered them to capture a machine gun nest that they had taken a vote and would rather not do so!

How many sergeants would see the humor in that?

Stormy Burns


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