In some court cases, particularly high profile ones, both the prosecutor and the defense attorney hire so-called experts to help win their cases. Today, we have experts claiming that our earth is in peril because of "global warming." There also are many experts who refute this claim, but they get much less media attention.

From about 800 A.D. to 1300 A.D. we had the Medieval Warm Period, followed by the Little Ice Age from about 1550 to 1850. Dr. Philip Stott, professor emeritus of bio-geography at the University of London stated, "During the Medieval Warm Period, the world was warmer even than today, and history shows that it was a wonderful period of plenty for everyone." Go to for details.

Dr. Richard Lindzen, a meteorologist at Massachusetts Institute of

Technology, stated, "there is no consensus, unanimous or otherwise, about long-term climate trends and what causes them. Climate change is a complex issue where simplification tends to lead to confusion, and where understanding requires thought and effort."

Drs. Craig Idso and Keith Idso of the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide

(CO2) and Global Change at Tempe, Ariz, have conducted thousands of experiments. They have proven beyond any doubt that with more CO2 in the air plants grow bigger and better in almost every way.

There is no solid scientific evidence to support global warming. Many distinguished scientists do not agree with global warming predictions. It would be tragic for our nation if we had to cut CO2 emissions (like the Kyoto Accords Treaty demands) to cure a non-existing problem.

Dominick Odorizzi

Northridge, CA

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