To the Editor:

I find all the anti-gun furor to be most disturbing. It seems so many folks are rushing to judgment and blaming the wrong culprit, the gun, rather than the one using the weapon!

There are at least two major reasons that the Second Amendment covers for sure and that was to protect us against the government should there be a move to violate our liberties and also having firearms in our homes for self-protection.

It is perplexing to note that there are very few letters to the paper written by any one of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of folks in this part of Oregon who own firearms, primarily for hunting, but with the additional benefit of self and family protection

It is disturbing to see so many of our legislators wanting firearms severely restricted, and/or, like Sen. Diane Feinstein, from the S.F. Bay Area, was quoted in the news as wanting all weapons done away with. Bad idea. She appears to want everything from spit wads to pellet guns to double sling-shots eradicated! Bet she has firearm protection in her home!

Vice President Joe Biden came up with an idea that seems foolish and laughable, to say the least. He suggested that folks go out and purchase a shotgun and fire a couple of shots into the air off the back porch to frighten off a potential intruder. I can envision the burglar hauling off loot from your home while you are following Biden’s advice!

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