There are over a thousand deaths in this administrator's war on terrorism. Less well known, we have over 6,000 wounded men and women, some maimed for life. The death toll of Iraqi citizens is estimated at 30,000, perhaps as high as 60,000. We rarely hear or read the numbers.

If removal of Saddam Hussein was necessary, it should have been through United Nations action, not to guarantee our oil supply or establish American military bases in the Middle East. This should have been negotiated with a legitimate Iraqi government. Other methods are undemocratic and outside the accepted standards of political relations with another.

This President's father fought a war in Iraq having the support of the United Nations, ended military risks associated with the Hussein regime. We know, since Desert Storm, there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction, serious doubt exits throughout the world that Iraq had the capacity to build WMD. U.N. inspection teams found none; there is no evidence that Hussein backed terrorism.

Terrorists are being created today that we'll face for generations. Hate dies slowly. This country is creating enemies faster then we are killing or jailing them. Many Americans believe we failed to take effective action against Osama Bin Laden; Iraq is a diversion and a mistake. No one knows if we are safer from terrorism.

Let's return to the United Nations, recognize our actions haven't succeeded and use the immense influence American has always wielded to secure the cooperation of the U.N. that we may effectively complete the mission in Iraq. Unilateralism today, is, as it has been in the past, a very dangerous trail to take. We should return to our past and regain the international political reputation this administration has so mistakenly squandered. I support our troops; I want them to come home safe, sound and soon.

Dave Bishop


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