Dear Editor:

In answer to Jan Blair's letter to the editor of Dec. 28, if there is any doubt in her mind about who killed the economy in the rural West, she needs only to review history.

As for being a sore loser, I don't know, I think the whole country is the loser, electing a man who is a big supporter of killing babies, but even more insidious, a man whose voting record points to disarming the American people, per George Soros, who's not even an American citizen and of course the Clintons, who have made it a hobby to take our basic freedoms from us per invalidating the Second Amendment.

Once only the Democrat administration has guns, we are living in a dictatorship.

You may have noticed I still use Democrat. Democratic means fair to all, not just those who believe in abortion, same-sex marriage and dictatorships after trashing the Constitution.

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