As Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry pulls away in the polls from G. W. Bush in swing states, our current national administration is becoming increasingly desperate to narrow the gap. The Bush administration is pursuing the statutory authority to delay the November presidential election. Their rational is that a terrorist attack may make a delay necessary. We've heard how there is "good intelligence" that Al Qaida and/or others are planning an attack between now and our election.

The United States has never delayed a presidential election. However, we have seen how the Bush administration makes all decisions at a political level. Witness the latest raising of the terror alert level on the east coast. Now we find out that there was no evidence regarding the immediacy of the suspected attacks. The timing of the alert was chosen to coincide with the end of the Democratic National Convention to negate any Kerry bump in the polls.

In the Bush way of doing things, to convince us that an election delay is necessary, we can expect a campaign similar to that waged against us before our preemptive invasion of Iraq. We can expect "good intelligence" that terrorist attacks are immanent. We can expect to be threatened with visions of mushroom clouds and rampaging biological weapons. We can expect satellite photos and persuasive visits to talk shows. The neo con brownshirt talking heads will be loosed onto the media. We will be bullied and cajoled, just as before. The Bush administration will attempt to take from us our most fundamental right, the right to vote.

This is another one of those pesky issues that you should investigate for yourself. In this case, I hope I'm wrong. Please, look at the rhetoric, examine the record and make up your own mind. Remember, "We don't have to be just sheep!"

Harold Black


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