I'm appalled to see one of our city councilors, Jennifer Ballard, use blatantly false statements on the Official Ballot. She claimed that "the charges set forth on the recall petition are false...," yet many of the charges that she's denying refer to statements she's made that are documented on audio tape. It's amazing that she's actually making claims on the Official Ballot that are so easily contradicted by official minutes, taken from the tapes, that are so readily accessible. Check out the 2/24/04 minutes of both the Joseph City Council and the Wallowa County Planning Commission.

In her Official Ballot statement, Ms. Ballard also attacks the motives of the chief petitioner of the recall petition who, she claims, "represents a Special Interest Group." If she's referring to citizens who care about decency in the conduct of public business and the respectful treatment of citizens, other public officials, staff and employees, she might have a point. I wonder if she thinks that the Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians who signed the recall petition qualify as a "special interest group" also?

I have personally witnessed Ms. Ballard's rude, biased and unprofessional behavior as a city councilor and am grateful for the opportunity to vote to recall her.

Leon Werdinger


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