I was gazing into the rear view mirror of time today and recalled the fervor our country was embroiled in after 9/11. It seemed nearly all Americans were unified for immediate gratification and retribution against whomever was responsible for the deaths of 3,000 of us.

Our president sent our troops to wage war in Afghanistan and we supported that decision because 3,000 Americans had died. Our president then convinced us that war against Iraq was necessary because 3,000 Americans had died and Saddam Hussein was involved, and we supported that decision.

Today our new president is trying to reform the health insurance industry in our country that leaves millions of us without insurance and leads to the deaths of a reported 45,000 Americans yearly due to this absence of health insurance. He has been rebuffed in his efforts by the entire Republican Party and even some in the Democratic Party.

I wonder if he would have more support if those 45,000 all died on the same day every year.

Nancy Gonyea


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