Lately we have been given no end of information about the validity of electrical generation by wind power. Clean certainly, but not always reliable in all four seasons and should not be solely relied upon.

Why is there not as much or no emphasis at all on hydro or water power - the cleanest, safest source of electricity there is? Tried, proven, effective and above all reliable 24/7/12. Yet not one cent has been allocated for development of new reservoirs. We keep hearing about virtues of wind and solar power, aka "Green is keen" and politically correct. Wind and solar power certainly make their contributions, but the sun isn't always shining and sometimes an ill wind is better than no wind, especially wshen your batteries are running low.

So let's use common sense and put hydro power on footing equal to wind and solar. Reliable electricity provides employment, communications and ultimately safeguards life and liberty for all - as long as the generators keep turning.

Ron R. Fischer


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