I've been coming here for over 25 years, drawn mostly by my "local" family. I went to a City Council meeting Jan. 7. What a turnout! I'm here visiting from California (Sacramento Valley)! I'm drawn here by family but would stay because of local atmosphere. Everyone I've met is friendly.

It amazes me that after an election the majority speaks and then the minority, unsatisfied because they lost, now do everything to destroy the opposition. If you don't believe in the mayor, run for the job yourself and see just how well you do it!

Why are some doing everything possible to change Joseph into the place they just left! ? believe that was the point Paul Morehead was trying to get across last night. He was not telling new people they're unwelcome, just that there is a proper way to go about change. There will always be differing opinions, but everyone should be treated with respect.

Mark Lacey accused Mayor Sands of breaking the law in the paper. When the city attorney said the issue wasn't illegal, I waited for an apology. Why didn't it happen? The mayor apologized for making mistakes. Lacey said nothing! If you assassinate someone's character and then find out you're wrong, you should make as much - no more - of an effort to set the record straight.

I also liked what Jim Russell said about checking your personality conflicts and nitpicking at the door. Teresa Russell finished by saying, "if you are the type of person that can't work well with others, step down and let someone else step up." As Judy Kinsley put it, "We need to either agree or agree to disagree and move on before it destroys our city." I was impressed with the resolution put forth by Jim Zacharias that said the entire City Council stands behind Mayor Sands. That shows class, Jim, thanks!

I look forward to another visit to Joseph soon. Just know that somewhere in the Sacramento Valley someone is eating Joseph's Huckleberry Jam on toast wearing a Wallowa County sweatshirt.

Kathy Tyler

Marysville, Calif.

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