State Children's Health Insurance Program: U.S. Senate 69-30, U.S. House 265-159. Both Oregon Senators, Gordon Smith and Ron Wyden, voted "yea" and four of our five U.S. Representatives voted "yea." But Rubber Stamp Walden showed his courage in voting "nay." Is the Second Congressional District out of step with the rest of Oregon?

Both Washington senators voted "yea." Eight of their nine U.S. Representatives, including two Republicans, voted "yea." The District 5 representative from Eastern Washington, Republican Cathy McMorris Rodgers, stated, "This is not a perfect bill, but does offer a safety net to provide health insurance to those who need it most." Republican Dave Reichert from rural King and Pierce Counties stated, "I am proud to support this measure, which renews and expands health care coverage for low-income children without slashing Medicare benefits for seniors!" Republican Mike Simpson, U.S. Representative from Southeastern Idaho emphasized that, "Lack of dental care is the most prevalent unmet health need among our children!" He, too, voted for "our kids." Both of Alaska's senators and lone U.S. Representative crossed party lines to vote for the bill, abandoning their anti-children Republicans.

Did I hear someone say the 2nd Congressional District is out of step with the Pacific Northwest?

Don't be surprised about our representative's voting record. We all know he is in perfect step with his fellow nay voters, Larry Craig and David Vitter.

U.S. Representative Greg Walden may be reached at 1-800-533-3303 or 541-389-4408. His "yea" vote will help 10 million of our kids.

Mike Farmer


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