To the Editor:

The Chieftain ran an article proclaiming Judge Redden “the wise man of the river.” The truth is that due to the efforts of hundreds of scientists, engineers, biologists, and others, the survival of juvenile and adult salmon passing through the lower Snake River is at an all-time high - 95+ percent for juvenile, and 99+ percent for adults, per dam.

Returning salmon runs are now higher than they were while the four dams were being constructed.

The Corps of Engineers conducted an extremely thorough study of the effects of breaching the dams completed a decade ago. They concluded it was a costly and unwise decision and continued efforts to increase fish survival with the dams.

Judge Redden ignored the science and the facts. Decisions based on his personal bias, not the law, have cost millions of dollars to be wasted as lost energy production, attorneys’ fees and wasted effort in redressing his bogus decisions. Does that make him a wise man?

John McKern

Walla Walla, Wash.

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