To the Editor:

In regard to Iraq, a recent letter projected a hopeless situation where electing John Kerry is "the light at the end of the tunnel". It seems to me that Kerry would block the light. His rhetoric, along with that of the other Democratic candidates, has surely been a comfort to the terrorists world wide.

According to them, America should never do anything to defend itself unless we first get the approval, and support, of the United Nations. Getting full U.N. support for the war on Iraq, when many of its members were involved in skimming the "oil for food" program and selling illegal weaponry to Saddam, would be like having Al Capone hand over his prostitution and gambling revenue to Elliot Ness. That wasn't going to happen regardless of who was president. With the present investigation into the "oil for food" program we may yet learn why so many of those in the United Nations did not want us to go into Iraq. We already know that the French and Germans were selling illegal weapons to Saddam. That explains why those two "allies" didn't support us.

It's also hard to believe that Kerry is telling the truth about his Vietnam service and that the 100 or more other swift boat operators are lying, an idea projected by the main stream press and the Kerry supporters. It should be easy to sort out the truth if the press would clamor for the Kerry service records to be released just as they have done with the records of George Bush. Official Navy logs and records, along with the evidence given by personal narrative from those present, should clear up who is "expanding on the truth" and who is "telling it like it is." It is a fact that Kerry lied about the atrocities he testified as having seen when he came home from Vietnam, so why should his other "Kerry tales" be believed?

Gary Poole


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