It has been my observation that too many people go out of their way to make anyone, especially soft and easy targets, look and feel like losers to they can fancy themselves winners at the game of life, ever projecting a fa├žade of "look at me," "better than thee" and "always will be."

This uncalled-for practice is not indulged in just by children and teenagers, but adults as well who condone, encourage outright and sometimes from a supervisory position. And a sad reflection, with these people never realizing they are only demonstrating their own inferiority (generated by inferiority complex?). They obviously have little or nothing going for them at all.

Going about with the proverbial "nose in the air," the drawback being "we never see where we are going." "Look at me," better than thee" - truly life's biggest losers and they don't know it.

Ron R. Fischer


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