To the Editor:

I was born in Enterprise in 1946 when my parents, Clifford and Irene West, lived on Alder Slope. They were good friends with a Reavis family who lived in the area at that time.

I was going through some of my parents’ things when I found four old tintype pictures. My mother identified the picture of a gentleman, in a heavy nice suit with vest and coat and wearing a hat, as “Colornel Reavis taken in 1876. The Reavis family homesteaded near Enterprise and the Reavis School stands on their place.”

I am not sure if she misspelled the first word and the man was a war veteran so it should have been Colonel Reavis or if Colonel was his first name (I once knew a man with that first name). The man is seated in a chair, “appears” to be middle-aged and has a well-trimmed heavy dark beard and mustache.

Another picture is of a bearded man holding a 1- to 2-year-old child. He looks a lot like the man in the first picture but younger. My mother wrote on this picture, “Relation to Colornel Reavis.”

There is nothing written on the other two pictures of men, so I do not know if they are related to the Reavis family or not.

I would like to find direct descendants of “Colornel” Reavis and give the pictures to them.

I did a short research for him online and in a genealogy website but didn’t come up with much. If someone knows who this man was and who his descendants are, please contact me at:

Marcia (West) Akes


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