If you own property or your own home, or you ever hope to own one, it is time to think seriously about M 49. It simply adds more restrictions to Oregon's land use laws. Do not be fooled into feeling safe because you live in town. The city might need a bike trail or a hiking trail, and if they do, you will not be reimbursed for your contribution. Your quiet home could become a very public place.

M49 gives more power to government and less to the residents. Who is your favorite state agency? Do you want them to make all of the decisions about your property?

Oregon is second only to Washington D. C. in the entire U.S. for increased home values. We do not have a shortage of property to build on. We do have obsessive regulations that stack families high and tight in the cities, causing congestion and less privacy for the residents.

Our land use system has zoned huge amounts of land as exclusive farm use that cannot be farmed. It would be great for homes and would relieve the congestion in our cities and towns. For those who wish to live in the country, it would provide a dream lot.

Be aware that the "Big Look Committee" that was anointed by the legislature to study our land use laws has been de-funded. The findings of the committee were apparently not in tune with the powers that be. Please study M49's added restrictions carefully and then vote "no" on that divisive bill.

My mission is to protect freedom for future generations. The Constitution is the document that keeps us free. M 49 is just one more nail in the coffin of that beautiful document.

Rita Swyers

Hood River

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