To the Editor:

Time flies for the most incompetent administration this country has ever known. More appointments of inept Bush disciples to essential government positions: Condi Rice, an overeducated, under-experienced pianist as Secretary of State; Wolfie Wolfowitz can't balance his own check book as head of the World Bank; John "The Bully" Bolton, noted for hating the United Nations, is the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.; and then, of course, there's Rumy Rumsfeld, architect of this never-ending invasion of Iraq.

It looks like Bush is batting 1.000 with Condi, Wolfie, The Bully and Rumy, while the Mighty Casey strikes out. I can't wait for Curly, Moe and Larry on the Supreme Court. How can over 50 percent of this country support misfits of this caliber? I'm convinced it has something to do with the Machiavellian principle which states that a well fed, warmly housed middle class will tolerate an evil, big-business-oriented puppet regime without question. Germany and Italy of the 1930s are good examples.

By the way, now that I have voiced my usual critical harangue, I'd better come up with a solution as suggested by a friend from Joseph. After pondering the problem for three weeks, my only solution is to vote these buggers out in the next election. I'm not specifying one party or another. Just a change from the Bush mentality.

See you at the polls.

Bob Casey

Trout Creek

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