To the Editor:

Bruce Wetter’s letter in [the Aug. 1] Chieftain was a little mixed up. He couldn’t have ever been a Democrat. If he had been a Democrat he would know that Democrats seldom agree on anything. It is the Republicans in Congress and people like Mr. Wetter who never waver from the prescribed talking points and say “no” to everything.

Instead of saying over and over that the Obama administration is a failure, look into the crystal ball and surmise the kind of future we could have under the Romney administration.

There would be no regulation of banks, oil companies, or business in general. Look what deregulation done by the Bush administration has accomplished. There is no fairness in the collapse of the economy and gigantic oil spills. By all indications the main regulations under Republican government will be the regulation of women – their bodies and their lower salaries.

Romney has promised to do away with the Affordable Care Act. So we would be back to uninsurable status for people with pre-existing diseases and higher insurance premiums for everyone. Insured people will be paying for emergency room treatment of uninsured people as they have been in the past. Market competition among insurance companies has never brought prices down.

Mr. Romney has promised he would be tougher with Syria and Iran rather than negotiate with them. Can we afford another war in the Middle East?

Well, get out your crystal ball and let’s talk about what we would see in a Romney future.

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