To the Editor:

There has been another criminal attack by a madman in a U.S. school, only this time the weapon of choice was a knife, but still the result was multiple injuries. Where was the outrage on the evening news demonizing knives as being only good for killing and injuring? Where was the outcry calling for all assault knives to be banned, and the formation of a national knife owner database? Why didn’t the president go on TV with the grieving families, and promise to do everything in his power to prevent another tragedy like this one? Why isn’t the U.N. proposing a treaty to control international trafficking in assault knives?

Does anyone see the hypocrisy here? The liberals do not care if schools or public places are safe from criminals and madmen. Liberals only want to totally disarm law-abiding American citizens. Once this disarmament has been accomplished, we will all live in a perfect society, free from all harm.

I can only hope that criminals and madmen get the message.

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