To the Editor:

Bruce Wetter uses recognizably-Rovian tactics: take specifically Republican attributes, point a finger at the opposition, repeat, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Employ “history” to vilify Democrats; ignore Republicans’ equally-checkered past. (A Democratic president pushed through the Civil Rights Act, fulfilling the dream of the assassinated JFK.)

Will Rogers famously said: “I am not a member of any organized party. I’m a Democrat.” Speaking with one voice is the exclusive province of Republicanism. Locally, their leader calls Republican voters “my people.” Republican office-holders, too intimidated to express opinions conflicting with their leadership, cowed by the extremists in their midst, and desperate to retain their seats, parrot whatever the base wants to hear. The few statesman-like Republicans have ceded the field.

Republicanism deafens Mr. Wetter to voices speaking out from the left, voices among whom he claims once to have worked. Did he decry the silence of fellow Republican voices while the Bush administration turned a surplus bequeathed by Bill Clinton into a massive deficit, not noticing the jaw-dropping fact that two wars were prosecuted outside of the budget on borrowed money, until President Obama stopped it?

Calling Democrats the party of “tax and spend,” Republicans slyly suggest that lower-income people are freeloaders. Ignoring the payroll, state and local taxes most working poor still pay, Republicanism’s current meme calls for “broadening the tax base” because “47% of Americans don’t pay income taxes.” Nearly every Republican in both Senate and House, and their presumptive presidential nominee, supports tax plans raising taxes on millions of Americans among the poor and middle class while cutting taxes for the 2% of households earning more than $250,000. Democrats recently passed tax cuts designed for the poor and middle class only. Congress could easily have extended both the Bush and Obama tax cuts for those in the 98%, but House Republicans (most of whom pledged allegiance to Grover Norquist, unelected power behind the Republican flag) just rejected the Democratic Senate bill.

Republicanism’s unison voice is calling cadence for the lockstep beat of Republican feet.


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