To the Editor:

The present oil crisis we are now experiencing is a matter of supply and demand. Demand goes up while supply goes down, which increases the price of gasoline. But, we often fail to realize that when we drive we are going after something we don't have, whether that be a new TV, clothes, or goods and services. We often fail to see the logic of the car collector. He or she has maybe 10 to 15 cars in their garage built for them on display.

But this is precisely the answer to the gas shortage. The more cars we have the less we drive. More time is spent waxing and admiring the cars in our showroom than actually driving them. In most cases "the rich," who often have dozens of cars, are often seen sipping a cold drink by the swimming pool knowing that too many choices causes a lot of stress and soon realizes it's best just to sit and relax.

Knowing you can't drive two cars at once and owning many cars is money going for ownership not use. Thus, less consumption of gasoline.

By lowering the price of cars more people will have more cars at hand filling a psychological need. Then there would be less people on the road.

Mike P. Brink

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