To the Editor:

I have been amazed at the Republicans' attacks on John Kerry's war record. Dick Cheney made a particularly malicious speech at Westmoreland College labeling Kerry as anti-American.

Logically, one would assume the Bush Administration would avoid this topic. After all, most of them managed to avoid military combat when it was their turn to serve. Cheney obtained six deferments (the last due to a child born just nine months after the change in deferment policy) and told the Washington Post, "I had other priorities in the 60s than military service."

Wolfowitz, Rove, DeLay, Hasterd, and Frist all avoided the draft, and Ashcroft obtained a teaching deferment.

Through the assistance of his father's wealthy and important cronies, George W. Bush was put ahead of 150 other applicants in gaining entrance to the Texas Air National Guard, which would assure that he would not be sent to Vietnam. While in the Guard, he was absent without leave for months, a federal crime. To top it off, in 1972 he refused to take an annual flight physical (drug test?) thus forfeiting his flying status and wasting nearly a million dollars worth of pilot training paid for by tax payers.

These men not only willfully failed to do their duty then, but now are shamelessly ordering young Americans to death and injury while they pretend to be patriotic leaders in a war they deceptively initiated.

Anne Farmer


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