I have been wrestling with a choice for President of the United States for the last year. I have listened to their comments, studied their records and listened to their comments regarding both their record and their opponent's record. I have heard a lot about the war and I have heard a lot about the loss of jobs or the fact that some people feel that not enough jobs have been created during the last four years.

I wish we did not have to fight a war and have troops deployed overseas and I wish that there were more jobs, but I am going to vote based on what I know!

I know that since 9/12/01 there have been no new attacks on our soil. I want this country to be safe for my children, I am saddened to hear Senator Kerry say terrorism should be treated as a nuisance, similar to a drug offense and prostitution.

I know that the attacks of 9/11/01 were on the World Trade Center. In addition to having a high concentration of people, which resulted in great loss of life and injury, our economy and the economy of much of the world was brought to its knees. That was the intent. No former president had to deal with a situation vaguely similar to this so I believe that a new job comparisons with past presidents is invalid.

I want a safe America. I will appreciate the new jobs that are being created as 9/11 fades more into history. I will vote to stay the course that has worked the last three-plus years. I will vote for George W. Bush. If you feel as I do, I encourage you to vote on Nov. 2.

Karl Gilbertson

Cedar Falls

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