We are writing this because we have not received the questionnaire mentioned in the Chieftain article (Feb. 11). Nor would we be able to meet the deadline. This is the case for many Enterprise voters who are away for the winter. Perhaps the deadline needs to be extended so their opinions can be included.

In any case, here's our take on the situation.

The building we purchased in 2000 was built in 1905 and is much older than the city building. We could find ourselves in a similar situation if we had not acted responsibly in caring for our building.

Several years ago, we had a PVC membrane installed after repairing damage to the roof created over the years. It has proven to be an acceptable solution. Several City Council members as well as city employees have been on the job in that building for years.

The damage did not occur overnight. If you can't take care of the building you work in every day, can you be trusted to run the City of Enterprise?

Preventative maintenance.

Try it.

Fix the roof. Then take care this does not happen again.

Clem and Valerie Berger


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