I just read in the local paper an article by Shelly Storm, "Thousands of Oregonians Fight For Ground Water." She makes the point that, when people move to the country, they need water from domestic wells and they compete with those already there. It's a supply and demand problem.

What gets me is why we take these supply problems one at a time. Why not throw in the limited supply of land and the resulting rise in land prices that prohibit the common people of Oregon from owning land? Why not talk about highway and freeway space and maybe housing availability and maybe even a place to go fishing? Water is a city issue too, as are open space and demands for timber and minerals. All human beings need commodities to live and the numbers of humans competing for those commodities and amenities results in conflict. More people leads to the more conflict.

I'll bet that a significant number of farmers who side with the urban left on the M49 issue have some illegal aliens working their farms. Let's review the facts. When Oregon went green and passed our draconian land use laws the nation had around 200 million people.

Since then, we have grown to 300 million, ninety percent immigration driven, and we are told we will soon have 400 million. We allow more legal immigrants than the rest of the world combined and essentially do nothing about illegal immigration. The urban left lobbies for more, as does agriculture, and then they wonder why things seem to be getting crowded. Then they want to mitigate the problem they are responsible for by restricting the rights of everyone else. I've had enough. Vote "no" on 49.

Then, when we do Californicate Oregon, we might address the problem of constant, unrelenting population growth through immigration.

Steve Culley

Baker City

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