To the Editor:

I live in the Portland area, previously owned property in wonderful Wallowa County, where my heart is.

Regarding the article on hyperthyroidism in cats, I have a 19 year old 17-19 lb. cat who suffers from that ailment. In 2016 she went from 19 lbs. to under 10 lbs. The vet determined that she had hyperthyroidism that would be fatal if not treated. There was only one vet in the Portland area who provided radiation treatment that was said to be 98% effective at a cost of about $1,000, which I had done. Within about two months she quickly regained her 17-19 lb. weight About 2 1/2 years later she began losing weight again, and was diagnosed as having the hyperthyroidism returning. At her age, 19, I wasn't going to have radiation treatment again. The vet said there was an oral drug that worked well, at a cost of about $30 a month, administered daily, which I opted for. The drug is methimazole, which she has been on for 8 months and has worked remarkably well. She has maintained her plump 17-19 pound weight, is otherwise her normal self. I did not expect her to live another 3 months before starting methimazole.

If anybody has a cat suffering from hyperthyroidism, this drug might be an affordable option that has had amazing results for my "fat cat".

Bob Arnst

Gresham, OR

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