The Joseph Community Center was built several years ago, for the use and benefit of the “community”. The problem seems to have risen as to the rental rate of the building, which most people are not willing to pay. To simply “use” the Community Center for a Day is $200. If you want to use anything else, you need to “step up” for the use of our Community Center. If you want to rent the whole building, you better bring your checkbook. It is $365 per day, PLUS a $400 deposit. The greed of the Joseph City Council has come to the surface, as they control the Community Center, and apparently charge “whatever” they want. It is sad OUR community is practically unable to use a Center built for everyone. It has now become so expensive, folks are using alternate buildings, because we can’t afford to use a center, especially “individuals” that simply can’t pay that much . I know some folks that were going to have a “yard sale” at the Community Center. The City was going to charge them over $700 to hold a yard sale, for the weekend, that would never produce the $700 to begin with. They went elsewhere, since they didn’t want to “pay” customers to take their stuff? It is time to rein in the City of Joseph, and get rates down where people can actually USE the Community Center. It sits EMPTY most of the time. Is that what you all want?

Doug Dutton


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