Dear Editor,

As a registered Independent voter, I cannot refuse to respond to Mr. Burns charges concerning a Democratic Socialist platform.

One has to go no further than their own wallet to see the effect of these socialist programs. I am sure Franklin D Roosevelt dealt with the same charges when he created the Social Security Plan and Medicare for the elderly was certainly a Democratic Socialist plan. Trump's promise to subsidize the farmers with your tax dollars, those who have lost their income due to his 'trade war', certainly smells like a socialist action. Although the farmers seem to be having some trouble collecting.

Trumpism is probably the worst thing that could happen to this country and still call it a Democracy. Trumpism seems closely aligned with Fascism, just under a different name. There are seven required characteristics for fascism:

A. USURPATION: The state overtakes and merges with corporate power and sometimes the church.

B. NATIONALISM: Leaders appeal to a nostalgic wish to return to an earlier golden age. That can include a return to a simple, virtuous pastoral life.

C. MILITARISM: Leaders glorify military strength through propaganda.

D. FATHER FIGURE: A leader assumes the role of the father of the nation. He creates a cult status as a "dauntless ruler beholden to no one."

E. MASS APPEAL: A leader claims that the people, manifested as the state, can achieve anything. If they don't succeed, it's because of naysayers, minority groups, and saboteurs.

F. GOVERNMENT SURVEILLANCE: The government takes an active role in suppressing dissent. It rewards people who report on each other.

G. PERSECUTION: The state violently persecutes minority groups and opponents.

Mr. Burns is correct when he cautions to be an informed voter, it is extremely important we do not slip further into FASCISM.

David Ebbert

Enterprise, Oregon

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