Implant, non-er, “not from around here,” tourist…all of these things have been said in one form or another about me and it is fine because they are all true. Like some individuals who move to this area, I visited here and fell in love with the ambiance, the open-air environment, the community, and most of all, the people. I moved here for all of these things, but most importantly, the small town and unbelievable courtesy that comes with living in a place most have only read about in books or magazines.

We drive differently here in the best kind of way. We wave at one another when driving. We go out of our way to speak to one another in the grocery store or when out and about. We know our neighbors and have become family.

I happened upon a situation the other day where a woman was getting unnecessarily upset at a business representative for something another employee did in the parking lot. In every sense, the representative was an innocent bystander. The woman was so rude for a reason that made no sense to the average onlooker and was making such a scene.

At the end of the day, we are all human, our emotions sometimes get the best of us, but to what end? To put down a stranger or a person who is simply doing their job for something unrelated to what they are doing simply to support their family, why? I cannot understand why anyone in this wonderful community would make a conscious choice to verbally accost someone like that?

With today’s climate and far-away news about hostile work environments, please keep up with the county courtesy as will I. Everyone, absolutely everyone, deserves the benefit of the doubt and respect. Lashing out at one another has no place here.

Erica Pearson

Enterprise, Oregon

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