If a person really wants socialism then they should vote for whomever the Democrat Party decides to run. If a voter carefully pays attention to what their party has to offer they will find that every single potential candidate is far to the left!

I am quite certain that the founding fathers never intended for this nation to become a socialist society and I would state very strongly that nothing could be worse for America. If we are paying attention to the horrible imploding of the country of Venezuela then you will see what socialism has done to this once thriving and great nation...Socialism provides an easy springboard to dictatorship...perhaps, something resembling communism...It is quite possible to have something similar to communism but under a different name...

I would plead with those who plan to vote to seriously consider the facts of what the Democrat Party platform is before making a decision to select any candidate....I have been paying close attention to the news considering what the party is up to...Their primary goal is to get rid of President Trump...and it is difficult to really comprehend what other platform ideas they will come up with...There is vicious infighting going on among the candidates and it seems that they are all trying "to out liberal" each other....Sadly there is also an anti-jewish element, especially among the SQUAD OF FOUR new freshman radical women in the House of Representatives!

God help us if they should prevail and if they do and the Democrat Party succeeds in winning the presidency it is very possible we, the lowly peasants, and all others, will see a new map appearing with the words UNITED SOCIALIST STATES OF AMERICA...Beware!

Stormy Burns



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