To the Editor:

Enterprise currently has an ATV ordinance that puts strict limits on the use of ATVs within city limits, allowing it only for snow removal and official city uses. So when you see a kid riding an ATV with a lawn mower trailered behind, she or he is in violation. Making provisions for this type of use would make sense to a lot of folks, however, the proposed ATV ordinance currently under consideration not only fails to solve this issue, but if passed would also create many new problems for Enterprise residents, as it basically allows anyone over 18 with a driver’s license to ride an ATV anywhere and anytime in the city, just as if it were a car. But ATVs are not cars – they are much less safe and considerably noisier. The new ordinance thus would increase the likelihood of accidents and create more disturbance to citizens who value the peace and quiet of small town life. While I would support an ordinance that allows limited use of ATVs on city streets, the one proposed is simply too freewheeling. ATVs should only be used for legitimate purposes (e.g., snow plowing), speeds should be limited to 10 mph, and all riders should be required to wear a helmet. The new ordinance is scheduled for a vote later this month, so if you want to keep our streets safe and our neighborhoods quiet, I encourage you let the City Council know that the proposed ordinance, as written, is simply not appropriate.

Rob V. Taylor

Enterprise, OR

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