Dear Editor- In the Chieftain of Feb 5, 2020 you published an article authored by a Jake Ellison, who claims an address or to be representing or is somehow affiliated with the University of Washington. In this article he claims to present documentary evidence that Rural kids commonly carry handguns illegally and that they therefore are more likely to commit crimes and be bullies. He cites documentary evidence, statistics, supposed research and claims that all this is "well-documented" . Please note that not once does he back up any of his Evidence or Research, with actual citations or specific studies! More to the point, why would the Chieftain reprint these lies and misrepresentations? As was finally noted in the last sentence, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to possess a handgun. It is quite legal for youths to handle, shoot with and compete with a handgun under supervision. To lump youth shooters, legally participating in shooting, under supervision, to gang members illegally carrying is complete misrepresentation and if there is any truth in his statistics, he would have to be combining legal use with illegal. I assume that the Chieftain has not hired this anti-gun zealot as an Opinion writer. I also assume that the Chieftain could have presented this article as Opinion instead of carrying it as a Hard News story. In the future, please refrain from printing this kind of mis-information and partisan propaganda as fact.

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