To the Editor:

The V.A. is not helping us veterans at all. Since I have been here, I have been treated the worst by the Walla Walla, Washington VA so-called hospital. They do not compute. Please help us if you can. We were promised free medical care for life. Where the hell is it? I've got a mouth full of rotten teeth and I can't afford to have them pulled out and get false teeth. The dentists are too expensive, like all medical stuff. It's always all about the money in America, that vets don't get good care. I don't like to be lied to. Thanks, V.A. for nothing. You are liars. The V.A. in Roseburg built a beautiful dental facility there and it was only for 100% disabled and lifers. All the rest of us can only just walk by and wish we could be seen. We are not treated well and all of us draftees are looked down upon by lifers. But until you've been on the DMZ of Korea, which is a war zone by the way, and you can be killed there, shut up and help vets get the medical care we need.

Pat Wilson


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