It appears to me that the Democrat Party has one and only one objective, to take down President Trump.There are some twenty plus prospective candidates and all with radical so-called Progressive agendas...The Democrat party has swung so far to the left that it has really become The Socialist Party...

Listening to some of the top Democrat Party members you can detect vitriol in their comments toward President Trump...They really do not seem to have a platform other than that...all they appear to be doing is to obstruct, obstruct, and they have the full-fledged support of the left-wing media.

My heart goes out to the average democrat voter that is trusting their representatives to work for them.It seems that, without exception, every single Democrat representative in the House and Senate is committed to the single matter of getting Trump impeached at all costs.

If Democrat voters are listening or watching only news from the far left propaganda, pro-democrat point of view, then after constant "fake news" there is little hope of getting an objective view. I would challenge all Democrat voters to tune in to Fox News, or One America News or Newsmax plus some smaller outlets and get a dose of the truth...That "Truth" is that President Trump is doing an excellent job of fulfilling his promises with the goal of "MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"


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