To the Editor:

In reply to Stormy Burns' letter of June 5, if their question is truly about what the platform of the "Democrat Party" is, an easy internet search would clear up that up- fast. The bigger issue seems to be with the Constitution itself, which in Article I gives the House the responsibility of oversight of the Executive Branch. They're performing their duty, just as Republicans have done with enthusiasm when they were the majority, without facing such extreme obstruction.

What struck me was the purported disgust from this Fox News fan at the vitriol in politics today, and an incredibly disingenuous claim that their "heart goes out to the average Democrat voter." How about taking a step in the right direction by starting a respectful dialogue? Stop referring to the other party as "the Democrat party" or referring to "the average Democrat voters," throwing out the word "Democrat" like a racial slur served up alongside a spit in the dirt. We are the Democratic Party, we may also be Democratic voters, and as individual members of the party, we are Democrats. Call us by the name we call ourselves and you'll start the process of us believing your heart in the right place, hopefully toward the goal of finding common ground and perhaps healing a few wounds that have divided the country. Putting a stop to the vitriol is everyone's job. Be the change you hope to see. Disagreeing about the president does not and should not make us enemies.

Mary Chlopek


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