I have been interested in the terms and conditions of the Forest Legacy Program grant that landed the Wallowa County $3,900,000 to purchase the 1,533 forested acres on the East Moraine of Wallowa Lake.

These tenets shall become part of the conservation easement for the East Moraine. A governmental agency must own the land, the land will not dispose of, modify the use of or change the terms of the real property title without permission. It requires that no less than 75% of the lands are in forest cover or will be reforested in 10 years, 25% of the protected land may be in compatible nonforest uses, including cultivated farm land, pasture, grassland, shrub land, open water and wetlands.

Require that the land be managed with the purposes intended for farm and forestry and shall not convert the property to other uses (no recreation uses listed). Generally prohibit extensive surface disturbances, that the conservation easement must clearly describe the location and use of these disturbances in advance.

Ironically, the commissioners approved a legal summary of this proposed "conservation easement" outlined inside a Baseline Document Report (BDR) which appears to violate the WCLUP Appendix 8, #3 — limit conflicting uses, allowing the landowner to construct new roads for recreational activities when they deem necessary. Appendix 8 prohibits new access roads, bicycle paths, pedestrian paths, driveways on the Moraine because of the wildlife funnel and increased human density.

Stop the new recreational trails.

Mildred Fraser-O'Callaghan


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