No test of Attainer shall be required

To Hold public office.

That is a Religious Test.

I Suppose that is a Good Thing.

Behavior itself speaks Louder than Words.

But How about a Stupidity Test?

If you think turning Wolfs Loose in the Wild, is a good idia

Please Stand up. Make Yourself Known.

IN My oppinion, You Are Stupid,

unfit for office.

Suggestion: Do Not Sit down Again,

Move to the Back Door, pick-up

Severance check on your way out.

Do Not Re apply.

When this state was first formed

The First Thing The Legislature did, Was to Remove the Wolf

Because it made cents.

How Long? Probably untell Someones child gets Killed by Wolf.

Sound Logic Demands this Ought NOT Happen.


Thomas B. Harrington


Editor’s note.

This letter was received at The Chieftain as a hand-printed missive on Monday, July 1st.

The letter above is as accurate a reproduction of his letter as possible. Attempts to reach Mr. Harrington to confirm his intended usage and style were unsuccessful.

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