Henry Kissinger said "control the food, control the people." The Chieftain's publication of Angela Black's courageous and eloquent essay about NAIS is to be commended.

President Jefferson's dream of a Republic of freedom-loving small farmers died when our freedom was mortgaged to central bankers and their priests. Henry's banker friends control our food today: Big Ag/Med tells us what to eat, what is good and bad, who to buy from, and who not to buy from. Then we are numbed with t.v. and pills, so as to "not-see" heart disease, obesity, and a diabetic-epidemic in the making, "not-see" the emperors' naked truth: corporate food kills.

There are too many "Not-Sees." The powerful ones want to convince you they know better- about how to make you safe, keep you safe, and how you should eat. Most "Not-Sees" just support and vote for the know-better "Not-Sees." An illusion of safety is their only reward.

NAIS threatens the right to grow food on your own property. Our parents and grandparents fought Nazis a generation or two ago.

Mussolini defined fascism as "A State of, by, and for the Corporations." When "our" Nazis arrive to take our food away from our small farms "to protect you", - or make it illegal for rural folks to buy real food from each other - oops, it is already happening. Will we win this war, or will you "not-see"?

Stuart Vencill


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