It seems tourism may have its limits. Although we, as those who live in Wallowa County, appreciate those that come to our beautiful county, shop at our amazing stores and support the businesses, we don’t appreciate rude behavior. Those of us that live here must enjoy the lake during the same time those from out of town, come here to enjoy what nature has to offer, as well as the lake.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, tourism raised its ugly head, as parking at the North end of the lake became a war zone. There is a spot, as you pull into the lake, where a sign says, ‘15 minute parking.’ Most everyone uses that area to prep their boats to launch into the lake, or unload picnic items, then move.

However, what we witnessed over the weekend made a parking problem a fiasco: someone in the 15 minute-parking area, a motorhome with its awing out. The rest of that area clogged with parked cars. When people tried to ask them to conform to the rules, they were confronted with a burst of hate. Absolute total disregard for not only the rules, but for those around them.

To come here and enjoy our beautiful county and the lake does not call for the rudeness we continue to see.

We live here, and we follow the rules for a reason. Don’t come here and disrespect us.

Doug Dutton


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