To the Editor:

This is an open letter to The City of Enterprise, our Elected Mayor and City Council:

Has anyone actually gone out to the community and talked to them regarding this “ proposed” new water system? And I am not talking about putting a sign in the yard! The city doesn’t listen to those that TRY to ask questions. They are sent away with no explanation of these high water/sewer bills other than “it is the way it is.”

This community cannot continue paying increased utilities with NO input! A sewer plant that was over-built for this community was in place before anyone knew what was going on, now we have a new water system being installed with little input.

Are you really thinking what the increase of water bills will do to a community that is already stretched? Anderson-Perry tells us that median wage per household is $35,000. Is your neighbor up the street making $35,000 or are they on a set income per month and an additional $25 is devastating. Most of the people I talked with in the fall were already hurting with increased bills and at that point were NOT watering their postage stamp yards – makes you want to move to a city with high utility bills and brown yards, huh?

Enterprise businesses are hitting their heads against the wall to survive. We need your help! As elected officials – talk to the people!! And listen – please.

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