People ask "What do you do?" It is so confusing to answer because life is more about getting than doing. We get a job, we get married, we get the flu, we get a computer, we get to go to college, we get paid, we get to work, we get a cup of coffee, we get some sleep, we get dinner, we get rained on, we get promoted, we get the mail, we get insurance, and get pregnant. The doing is the aftermath of all the getting.

Be careful what you ask for, you will probably get it and if you don't like it, it may be hard to get rid of. Television people have no place to go other than to sit still because it would be too dangerous for them to even go to the grocery store.

Hollywood stars get paid millions but pay the price in lack of privacy and no anonymity. Be thankful of your station in life and the cards you have been dealt. There is always someone not getting what you cherish and treasure.

There is more opportunity and mass consumption than ever before.

So when asked "What do you do?" it is more about answering "What did you get?"

Mike P. Brink


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