To the Editor:

We are a group of concerned individuals very opposed to the decision of the governing body in Enterprise to permanently close the city pool. The pool gave the citizens-both children and adults-of Wallowa County a place for summer fun. It also gave people a chance to enroll in swimming lessons, important in a community that structures much of its recreation around lakes and streams.

Let's not lose track of what is important to the happiness and future progression of Wallowa County. Let's not be derailed by those who say that keeping the pool is too expensive. Think about this: How does a town like Athena, Oregon (pop. 300) successfully operate a city pool when a county of 7,100 cannot find the funds?

We feel it is a grave misjudgment to remove the pool permanently. We are 100% committed to see the city pool updated. We are investigating ways we can do this through grants, volunteers and contributions. Please join us. Speak up and help us take action on this issue. It is too important to ignore.

Please send ideas and comments to ( or (

Stephanie Gassett

Sharon Cramer

Missi Hayward

Sarah Johnson


Lisa Seal

Jim Wimer


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