Renewed faith

In light of the recent attacks on U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith by the current chairman of the Oregon Republican Party, I would like to salute both Sen. Smith and Congressman Greg Walden for their effort on behalf of all Republicans in the state of Oregon.

These two men recognized problems within the Oregon Republican Party (ORP) and stepped up to help bring reform to a previously ineffective, top-down organization. I do not know if their recent endorsement of Lynn Snodgrass for the new ORP chairman is the definitive answer, but the courage they showed by stepping forward at a time when they had nothing personal to gain and abundant political capital to lose should be commended.

We all should be proud of Sen. Smith and Rep. Walden for their insight, guts and leadership as well as their effective legislative efforts. As a Republican, they have given me renewed faith and enthusiasm about our party.

Tim Smith

Burns, Ore.

Come together

All Oregon families have an opportunity to contribute to a safe and decent place to live. We must come together to preserve what we have.

Measure 28 will keep offenders in prison, give our kids a chance to learn, and continue services to elderly and disabled people.

A family of four earning $40-50,000 per year would only pay an additional $9 per month in this temporary income tax.

Join me in voting YES on Measure 28.

Roseanne Shrull

Salem, Ore.

Family tradition

We could not all be together on Thanksgiving Day, therefore we postponed our dinner until Nov. 29 when all 17 of us could celebrate together.

Six of us, three generations, decided to drive to Wallowa Lake, feed the deer, photograph wildlife, and enjoy the scenery - a family tradition during the holidays. We did all this, played on the swing set in Wallowa Lake State park, and hiked to the falls from the power house.

We stopped at Toma's on the way back from Joseph for something to eat and really enjoyed a wonderful dinner and each other.

When we tried to pay the check we were told that "a Thanksgiving fairy" had taken care of it. What a wonderful treat and how typical of Wallowa County friendliness.

We shall share this with others and have already told the rest of the family and intend to pass on this good deed to others.

Betty Beith

La Grande

City living

Since moving from the country to the city I have spent many hours contemplating what city dwellers really do for a living. If you ever move to a big city, you will be told that time is money. I have never really caught on to this notion because on the farm Mother Nature was in charge. You waited for months for calves to be born and for crops to mature. But in the city people are in a big hurry. Most things that are sold really aren't worth much. Sales are made by manipulators and slick politicians who are out to make a charade of everything.

I am always amazed how city people can squeeze every square foot of land into a money making proposition while the farmer farms thousands of acres producing our basic need for everyone - food - and gets paid the least. Basketball players, actors and actresses, and musicians make millions. Yet when they are gone it won't make a bit of difference to mankind.

Mike Brink

Gresham, Ore.

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