To the Editor:

Last week, Mr. Ruth wrote an editorial titled, “Opt-out provision at SBHC not a myth”, based on a “quote” from the community meeting referenced in the September 9 edition, which was in fact a misquote. Mr. Ruth’s point in this editorial is that one parent expressed disbelief that the SBHC’s “opt-out” provision really existed, when in fact the question by the parent (and others) centered around whether there would be an opt-out form, when the form would be available, and the potential for the opt-out to be eliminated by a future legislative act. Mr. Ruth has obviously not researched the issues related to placing an SBHC in our school, which go far beyond questions regarding an opt-out. Mr. Ruth could use some education regarding his misstatements in the editorial, including his comment, “No doubt undergirded by the profound antipathy already cultivated toward Obamacare — of which the SBHC is not a product…”. I reference the HRSA Health Center Website, “Health Center New Access Point Grant Application Technical Assistance”, which states in part, “…Subject to the availability of appropriated funds, HRSA anticipates awarding approximately $100 million to support an estimated 150 New Access Point grant awards in Fiscal Year 2015, supported by the Affordable Care Act (P.L. 111-148)…” A little research might do the editor well.

In addition, his comments regarding the school board are inappropriate. He goes so far as to say that “...they could start a recall...” The school board members are our friends, acquaintances, and respected members of our community. While parents may disagree with the process followed to this point, parents have never expressed any such desire. His remarks are inflammatory.

Mr. Ruth’s opinionated and one-sided editorial is unprofessional. It would seem as though Mr. Ruth feels he has nothing to lose, as he is leaving The Chieftain the day this edition is published. However, I wonder how the Publisher feels about the loss of readership and patronage of the paper as a result?

Ilene Wells


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